Word Echoes from SANZ: “Music Therapy”

Written by on March 5, 2018

“Music Therapy”

A universal sentiment shared by Berthold Auerbach is that
“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday Life”.

*Music makes you happier.
Researchers have found that when you listen to music you like,
your brain releases dopamine, a “feel-good” neurotransmitter.
The next time you feel you need an emotional boost, listen to your favourite tunes for 15 minutes.
That’s all it takes to get a natural high!

*Music enhances running performance.
Marcelo Bigliassi and his colleagues found that runners who listened to fast
or slow motivational music completed the first 800 meters of their run faster
than runners who listened to calm music or ran without music.
If you want to take your running up a notch, listen to songs that inspire you.

*Music lowers Stress and Improves Health.
Listening to music you enjoy decreases the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your body,
which counteracts the effects of chronic stress.
One study showed that if people actively participated in making music by playing
various percussion instruments and singing, their immune system
was boosted even more than if they passively listened.
To stay calm and healthy during a stressful day, turn on the radio.
Be sure to sing along and tap your feet to the beat to get the maximum healing benefit.

*Music helps you eat less.
Research at Georgia Tech University showed that softening the lighting and
music while people ate led them to consume fewer calories and enjoy their meals more.
If you’re looking for ways to curb your appetite, try dimming the lights and listening to
soft music the next time you sit down to have a meal.

*Music elevates your mood while driving.
A study in the Netherlands found that listening to music can positively impact your mood
while driving, which can lead to safer behaviour than not listening to music.
The next time you’re feeling frustrated in traffic, turn up the tunes to improve your state of mind.
It won’t hurt your driving performance – it may even help you drive safely.

*Music strengthens Learning and Memory.
Researchers discovered that music can help you learn and recall information better,
but it depends on how much you like the music and whether or not you’re a musician.
A study found that musicians learned better with neutral music but
tested better when pleasurable music was playing.
Non-musicians learned better with positive music but tested better with neutral music.

Music is Medicine – In the words of Billy Joel:
“I think music in itself is healing.
It’s an explosive expression of humanity.
It’s something we are all touched by.
No matter what culture we’re from.”


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